Favorit Formel Super Molibden SAE 10W-40 API SF

Multipurpose multigrade semi-synthetic engine oil designed for modern gasoline engines. Due to the use of molybdenum disulfide in the oil, it has excellent anti-seize properties, effectively reduces friction, reduces wear, removes engine noise. It has optimal low temperature characteristics. It has a distinctive dark color due to the content of the additive molybdenum disulfide.

Name of indicator Test methods Value
Kinematic viscosity mm2/с at 40 °C STB ISO 3104-2003 94,66
Kinematic viscosity mm2/с at 100 °C STB ISO 3104-2003 13,43
Viscosity index STB 1797 142,16
Flash poin, °C GOST 4333 222
Pour point, °C GOST 20287 -30
TBN, g KOH/kg GOST 11362 6,2
Density at 20°C, kg/m3 GOST 3900 877

The data provided is based on standard laboratory tests and given only as a reference. The indicators can vary within the permissible range.

Storage conditions
Store in a tightly closed container at a temperature between -30°С to +30°С in a dry protected from direct sunlight place, away from source of ignition.

Shelf time: 5 years (see the production date on package).