LLC Eurasia Lubricants- joint venture, the main focus of which is production motor oils and lubricants.

The company manufactures products under the brand name «FAVORIT». The range includes more than 60 items: 
- motor oils;
- grease;
- hydraulic oils;
- flushing oils;
- gear oils;
- antifreeze and other technical fluids.

The production technology is constantly being improved. The formulas are mastered and improved. The company is equipped with precise programmable technological equipment, which allows to produce high-quality products that meet European standards and the highest requirements of modern automotive manufacturers.

All products «FAVORIT» is made on the basis of licensing agreements concluded with German and Swiss companies, and in strict accordance with the technical regulations and production processes provided.

In the production of products used high quality raw materials leading manufacturers. At a high level, incoming quality control of raw materials and output quality control of finished products are carried out. Certificates and declarations of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union are issued. 

Finished products are placed in warehouses of type "A", which allows you to quickly serve customers. The company also has at its disposal a fleet of tanks and containers with a capacity of over 10 thousand tons for storing finished products and components. 

A railway line with a ramp, located on the territory of the enterprise, allows oil to be loaded into railway tanks, as well as the shipment of products by freight cars or vehicles for transportation to neighboring countries and beyond.

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