Gear oils

Storage conditions

Storage conditions

Favorit TAD-17 SAE 85W-90 is a mineral-based all-season universal transmission oil designed for lubrication of cylindrical, bevel, spiral bevel, worm and hypoid gears of cars and other equ

Favorit TEP-15 SAE 90 API GL-2 is an all-season mineral-based gear oil of API GL-2 level for tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Multipurpose multigrade mineral transmission oil for manual gearboxes, lock units and driving axle functioning at medium and high loads.

Multipurpose multigrade transmission oil with mineral basis for mechanical transmission aggregates of trucks and passenger vehicles that provides safe functioning of self-locking gears wit

Multipurpose multigrade semi-synthetic high quality transmission oil for lubrication of differential gears, rear axles, steering devices and other transmission control groups.

Multipurpose multigrade high quality transmission oil with mineral basis for high loaded hypoid gearings. Endures extreme loads.