Retrofitting the laboratory with an apparatus for determining the freezing temperature of oil

Laboratory of LLC Eurasia Lubricants has retrofitted laboratory equipment. An apparatus TPZ-LAB-22 (LOIP LP-097A) was purchased for automated testing of petroleum products to determine the pour point and cloud point of petroleum products.
The determination of the pour point is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standards ASTM D97, GOST 20287-91 (method A) and ASTM D5950-02.
The determination of the cloud point is carried out according to a method that ensures the convergence of the results with the standards ASTM D2500, ISO 3015 (EN 23015-1994), ASTM D5771 and other similar standards.
TPZ-LAB-22 belongs to the latest generation of equipment of CJSC “LOIP”. The device is designed taking into account all the requirements of the standards for testing. A unique feature of TPZ-LAB-22 is its built-in cooling unit, capable of cooling the test cell to -95 ° C without the use of external cooling systems. The device automatically sets and maintains the temperature of the cooling bath, conducts tests, creates and saves test reports in memory.