MTZ OJSC introduced Favorit Solidol Super

Based on the results of laboratory and industrial tests at the Minsk Tractor Plant OJSC of FAVORIT SOLIDOL SUPER grease (TU 690567607 / 035-2017) manufactured by Eurasia Lubricants LLC, positive conclusions were received about its suitability for servicing the manufactured equipment. It was established that the FAVORIT SOLIDOL SUPER grease fully complies with the characteristics of the SOLIDOL Zh lubricant used at MTZ LLC according to GOST 1033.
Based on the conclusion No. 6739 of 09/24/2019, FAVORIT SOLIDOL SUPER lubricant was included in the chemotological map of the Belarus tractor units.

ОАО «МТЗ» внедрил Favorit Солидол Супер