MTZ OJSC introduced FAVORIT lubricantsT

Based on the results of laboratory and industrial tests at the Minsk Tractor Plant OJSC of lubricants manufactured by Eurasia Lubricants LLC, positive conclusions were obtained on their suitability for servicing the equipment being manufactured. Based on the conclusions, the designations of the following working fluids under the FAVORIT brand were entered into the chemical map of the nodes of the Belarus tractors:
- seasonal mineral motor oil “FAVORIT Diesel M10G2k-M” API CC (Conclusion No. 6657);
- universal multigrade mineral transmission oil “FAVORIT TAD-17” (report No. 6658);
- hydraulic mineral oil "FAVORIT Hydro ISO 32" (conclusion No. 6692).


Заключение 6692

Заключение 6657




Заключение 6658