Purchase Lintel Drop 20U

Laboratory of LLC Eurasia Lubricants has retrofitted laboratory equipment. An automatic apparatus for determining the dropping point of Lintel®Kaplya-20U oil products was purchased. The device provides special solutions that allow to implement, in addition to standard methods and methods for research, which is especially important when developing new types of products.

The Lintel®Kaplya-20U device allows to determine the dropping point of oil products and cosmetic products (six samples at a time) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6299, ISO 2176, GOST ISO 2176, ASTM D 566, ASTM D 2265, GOST 6793, GOST 32394 and GOST 29188.1.

The Lintel®Kaplya-20U device has passed metrological certification, is certified and included in MI 2418-97 “Classification and application of technical means for testing petroleum products” as a means of implementing quality control methods.

Аппарат автоматический для определения температуры каплепадения нефтепродуктов